What do you need to scale from $0 - $1m in Annual Recurring Revenue?

The Groundwork. 

There is a lot of talk about how SaaS businesses move from $1m - $10m, or $10m - $50m, but less about the sketchy period between $0 and $1m. This episode discusses some of the very early challenges that we faced when we first launched ScreenCloud and started getting paying customers. The topics we cover include:

1. The value of physically installing your product yourself for your first customers.

2. How to move customers from being free beta users to paid subscribers.

3. Why personal outreach from the CEO in the early days is a great idea even if it doesn't ultimately scale.

4. Why SaaS revenue growth feels so slow in the beginning compared to more traditional businesses.

5. Why spending money on marketing or outbound sales before the product is mature could be a costly mistake.

6. How to manage your time, as Founders, in the most effective way: when is it best to overlap and when is it best to work on your own tasks?

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