Welcome to the very first Behind the Screens podcast. Brought to you by David Hart and Mark McDermott, co-founders of the SaaS digital signage business, ScreenCloud. ScreenCloud is a B2B SaaS startup: this podcast will cover the ups and downs and the various challenges of launching and growing a SaaS business. How is technology and a change in mindset around working practices shaping the way business is done? 

In our first episode we explain how we transitioned from a digital agency into a product company. We talk about what events lead us to realise that our future was in building products rather than providing consultancy and why ScreenCloud was the business that we identified as being the one that we wanted to commit to. We also discuss how technology in the workplace has changed and what this has meant to the way businesses organise themselves.  

If you want to get in touch about the podcast or anything to do with ScreenCloud, we'd love to hear from you. You can send an email to hello@screen.cloud or you can Tweet us @screencloud

References mentioned in this podcast:
SEIS/EIS investment schemes from HMRC
Codegent (our original company)
Thin Martian (the agency we acquired and sold)
Big Clever Learning


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