Investors are the life blood of your company, especially in the early years, yet entrepreneurs are hopeless at communicating with them. This seems crazy to us. Your investors can be really helpful to you beyond just giving you cash, and don't you have some sort of ethical obligation to tell them what you have been doing with the company that they co-own? 

In this episode, David and Mark talk about how ScreenCloud communicates with its investors and why it's worked for them. We also talk about how to create something that looks great without it taking loads of time (and money). The key is to keep it honest and authentic and don't just share good news. And the good news is that because the bar is so low, it's not hard to do something impressive that cuts through and keeps you front of mind with your investors.

The structure of ScreenCloud's investor updates (referenced in the podcast) is:

  • Introduction
  • Video from Founders
  • Key Metrics
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Sales 
  • Marketing
  • Product

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