Focusing on Product, this episode talks about the first of three core areas that we are looking at (Product, Customers and Commercial) on the jorney of scaling from $0-£1m ARR. We talk about how we arrived at the idea of ScreenCloud and what it was about the opportunity that made us feel this was an idea to back. 

Some of the other areas we touch on include:

- Can you overly analyse a market before you get going? You need some sort of understanding of the market but unless you really know it in detail, you could be put off by just a quick look.

- Is spotting a trend, even if it's not directly related to your product or service, a smarter way of identifying an opportunity? For ScreenCloud, the trend of people bringing technology from home into the workplace was one of the things that encouraged us to believe that devices such as the Chromecast would be a driver for a different type of digital signage service.

- The difficulties of selling a tech idea to non-tech investors, where the tech itself is more sexy than the industry you are trying to enter. 

- How "minimum" should your Minimum Viable Product be? Why inspiring faith in early adopters, that the product will get there, is more important than a specific feature set.

- Why the process of product development never ends and why it's important to keep customers in the loop when new features ship. 

- And how we underestimated the proportion of tech staff we would need post-launch.

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