The winners at this year's Cannes Lions advertising awards show a clear trend towards brands needing to be at the forefront of innovation. Agencies are creating their own incubators to tap into innovative startups, offering investment and access to clients and creative services in return. But for startups this can mean being pressured to change their roadmap to fit their product to one campaign. That one campaign might win awards and create great PR, but is it worth it in the long run? And once an agency has used an execution on a campaign, can they ever use it again?

In today’s episode, Mark and David are joined by Matt Jukes, Creative Director at advertising agency Cheil, to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of startups collaborating with ad agencies.



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Examples of innovation in brands:

  • Overconfidence Cover. Pet insurance company advertises through design collaborations on vet medical supplies:
  • Foxtel Alert Shirt. Australian broadcaster creates a jersey that lets fans feel rugby tackles in real-time:
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