There’s often no off-switch when you run a startup and that can lead to the temptation to be working all of the time. But if all you think about is work, does that make you better or worse than someone who has a more multifaceted life? We believe that having something you do with some regularity outside of work can actually make you better at your day job. In this episode Mark and David discuss their side gigs, from having a second job as a Les Mills Bodypump instructor in Mark’s case, to why David runs 3-4 times per week even when it’s raining. How a hobby or side hustle can give you more time to problem solve and, what going back to basics in a different discipline shows to an onlooking team.



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If you’re in London and fancy joining one of Mark’s BODYPUMP classes you can find him at various locations:


Read David’s blog on the importance of always going running, even when it’s raining:


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