When we started ScreenCloud we launched a MVP and reiterated quickly. Then two years in we realised that the original product had reached its limit and we needed to either carry on building on top of it, or we needed to re-engineer the product completely. In this episode we discuss why we made the decision to re-engineer despite this going against “best practice” startup advice. What it feels like to put 18 months of investment, resource and work into a product which no customers have seen yet and how we communicated this to get buy-in from our board.

Plus where we’re at today, about to launch the new version of ScreenCloud at the largest digital signage expo of the year, DSE 2019.



Show Notes:


We’re at DSE! Check out the New ScreenCloud preview and book an appointment with us here: https://get.screen.cloud/dse-2019


Find out about ScreenCloud: screencloud.com  

Watch the video: youtube.com/screencloudio/episode-22-reengineer-your-product



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