Our policy at ScreenCloud has always been “treat people like adults” which means focusing on output rather than the time an employee gets to the office, or the amount of hours they sit behind their desk. Recently, a question from a new employee made us question whether there’s more to this than just hiring smart, responsible people. Should you innately trust people until they give you a reason not to and what are the consequences when this goes wrong?


In this episode, Mark and David discuss how and why they tend to trust employees, despite being burnt in the past. Their thoughts around unlimited holiday policies and taking time off. Also looking at why some business leaders are more predisposed to lead with rules rather than trust and how this might affect staff retention.



Show Notes:


A blog David wrote on trusting your employees: https://medium.com/screencloud-journey/should-start-ups-trust-their-employees-4cc839ce695b  


Learn more about ScreenCloud’s culture and current job vacancies here: https://screen.cloud/careers



Find out about ScreenCloud: screencloud.com  

Watch the video: youtube.com/screencloudio/episode-19-staff-trust




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