When you first start, the idea of a Reseller in multiple territories selling your product seems like a perfect solution. You don't need to hire your own sales team and you only pay on results - what's not to like?

Unfortunately, the reality is that Resellers aren't particularly incentivised to sell your product and might just want to have you in their back pocket in case someone asks. Unless you are an established brand, or your reseller have clients with immediate pain that only you can solve, chances are you won't suddenly have a proactive sales force helping you scale your business.

But amongst the chaff, there will inevitably be some wheat which you really do need to nurture. How do you identify these people and how do you make sure you are in the right place to work with them when your offering is mature enough to help? It's not easy.

Here, we talk about the good, bad and the ugly of working out your Reseller Strategy in the early stages of a SaaS business's evolution.


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