Should exercise be high on your list of priorities when you are launching a start-up? Is exercise really a nice-to-have that might have to wait until things have calmed down, or is it a vital part of preparing you and your team for greatness? We think the latter. Actually we know the latter, from personal experience as well as from numerous bits of research. However macho you like to think you are, the fact is exercise makes you stronger mentally and working too many hours makes you less productive. We talk about:

- The evidence that all work and no play makes Jack more than just dull, it makes him sick and less good at his job. 

- How motivation with all the other pressures of running a business is the hardest part of maintaining a regular exercise regime

- What life hacks you could use to keep the discipline of regular exercise

- How establishing a culture of 'being healthy' comes from the top

If you want you and your team to have less self-esteem and energy, be less productive and be at a higher risk of depression and cardiovascular disease, then make sure people work every waking hour with no time for exercise. If you think the opposite, you know what to do!

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